Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the studio?
Just out of Rugeley town centre. Five minutes away from ‘Birches valley visitors Centre’ Cannock chase. Situated just off ‘Green Lane’ ‘WS152GS’ is the postcode to the front of the shop.

Is there parking?
Lots! and its all free, you wont have a problem parking close to the shop. There is no designated disabled parking however it is no more than 25 metres away from the shop front to the cars.

What if we forget something?
Don’t worry, I have lots of random bits in the studio if you forget something, failing that there is a spar shop and various shops near by.

Questions about your shoot?
Scroll down and you should find the answer, if not please call us or email and I will answer asap Tel: 07399866598

Do you require payment before?
We don’t require full payment, however a deposit is required (amount depending on shoot). This will be arranged upon booking. Deposits are non refundable, if you are unable to attend your shoot then 24 hours notice is required to move your shoot to a different day.

Do you accept cards?
Yes, credit and debit cards accepted

Payment plans:
We can arrange a payment plan on orders over £250. This is a 0% interest contract however payments are required within 3 months. Failure to pay will result in images being kept and eventually deleted. Part payments will not be refunded. Photographs will only be issued once full payment is completed.

Location shoots:
If you have booked a photo shoot on location, we will arrange between us where to meet, unfortunately I am not insured to pick you up and transport you.

Bus stop:
There is a bus stop right out side the shopping complex and runs from Rugeley bus station

Once your shoot is completed, you will either view the photographs on the day or be invited back to view. Payment is required on the day under £250 and your images will be emailed to you with in 4 weeks of your shoot. During wedding and busy periods this maybe extended. (Usually the turn around is only 1-2 weeks).


What happens at your newborn shoot?
On arriving at the studio, (you’ll get a big “well done” from me for just arriving as I appreciate it’s taken time to get there!!) you will be asked to make yourself at home. Your entire baby’s needs can be comfortably met in the studio with changing area, privacy for breast-feeding, and a good temperature for baby to feel calm and relaxed. I’ve had two newborns of my own and numerous in the studio, so am becoming an expert at helping to settle them. Once settled your baby will be photographed in a number of postures, that are achieved with the minimum of movement to baby to ensure they remain settled. You will be involved in the session if you feel you’d like to, although it may be a golden opportunity for time to relax or it’s even happened, catch up on some much needed sleep. You can bring food and drink to the studio, to refuel especially if you’re breastfeeding.

How will you ensure that my baby will be safe during the shoot?
Safety is of paramount importance, especially with a newborn! On moving your baby, I am trained in knowing the best way to handle them, ensuring no damage and moving them so that they are as comfortable as possible and little arms and legs aren’t put into positions that are awkward. A baby is never left alone, and either myself or a ‘spotter’ keeping a close eye on baby, as even in their sleep a baby may kick out and push themselves off a posing bag or out of a basket or other prop. Your baby will never be held without support,

Can I see a price list before I book?
Of course you can, All info about prices are on the new born section of the website, there are no hidden costs, we send everything you buy digitally via email. My fee actually covers the 2 to 3 hours studio time, post processing of the images (each one lovingly enhanced and art work created). You will be asked to return to the studio for a viewing session.

Is there a way to save money on my session?
As mentioned above I’m happy to talk through a package with you that suits. I do offer maternity and newborn packages, which work out very reasonably, and are a lovely way for me to follow up on how you’re getting on with the new addition. You’ll be prepared also and know where you’re coming to and who’ll be photographing your baby.

What happens if my baby is poorly/upset/unhappy on the day of the shoot?
If your baby is poorly I would suggest that you ring to rearrange the session. Your baby’s health is of paramount importance, as is your piece of mind. The session can then be booked in for a better time, your baby will have developed slightly and so will not be as flexible as time moves on, but beautiful images can still be taken. If your baby is griping or unsettled before you come, keep going and come to the studio. They may be picking up on you doing something new with them and you being unsettled too. An extra set of extra calm hands may help when you arrive.

What do I need to bring to the session?
Your baby, A snack or picnic, what ever you want to help to keep you going. I can organise hot drinks but prefer not to with little ones in the studio.

What if my baby dirties their nappy, poos or wees during the session?
This is what babies do – clean them up and carry on. All the wraps and blankets in the studio are washable and are…regularly!

Can we be in the photographs?
Absolutely, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, who ever you’d like, if you have a bigger little person who cant sit for the full three hours just have someone bring them for the last hour or the first hour. I will always do my best to keep them involved as I understand some aren’t so keen on the new noisy little person that you have just bought home.

I understand that some new parents struggle, you may of booked your shoot but its all a bit over whelming, please let me know, I will understand and never judge, we all struggle and between us we can arrange something to suit your needs.

Any other questions just call or message me to ask, I’m more than happy to discuss any requirements


Lots of people ask me…

What shall we wear for our family portrait?
This is something I can’t answer, everyone is different, and I suggest you look around your house, pick your walls and dress to match or co ordinate with them. For example, my house is all grey and white so I like to wear navy blues and denim so it always looks timeless and elegant. Also, try not to all wear patterns unless you want to create a magic eye picture puzzle, it can all look a little too much on your wall.. However if you like patterns and pink with red spots then lets embrace it, who am I to tell you.

Can we bring pets?
Of course, I would be disappointed if you left the dog/cat/dragon (not the mother in law) behind. They are part of the family and always welcome, even the mother in law (just not mine).

We have allergies!
No problem, if you have allergies please let us know. We sanitise for new born babes so we can do the same for you. We have a fair few pets in so we will book you in as far away from a pet shoot as possible. Anything else just please let me know, I will do my best to help.

Wheel chair access:
The studio itself is wheel chair accessible; we have had several shapes and sizes in. However we do not have a disabled toilet. Photo shoots last an hour maximum so we hope that you can still join us.

I realise how a busy, loud and bright studio can be over whelming. Upon booking, please let me know any additional needs and I can book the studio for extra time (no extra charge), turn off the music and dim the lights. We can’t avoid flash photography in the studio however the lights can be lowered and requests can fulfilled with notice. (I have a daughter who is autistic, I understand more than most).

Whether you’re child plays drums, dances, ice skates or swims. We can design a shoot just for them. No limits. I love a good challenge.


Are pets welcome?
Absolutely! Anything furry is welcome! Farm animals: shoots go on to location for obvious reasons Insects/scales/more than 4 legs: Please contact us directly. The last time I photographed a tarantula I fainted.

What if my pet is naughty?
Your pet is still very much welcome. Bring extra treats and walk them to tire them out before hand. Everyone says to me ‘mine wouldn’t sit still’… challenge me! I have never had a pet I couldn’t photograph. With lots of patience and a pack of ham, you can achieve anything.

My pet isn’t house trained:
Obviously we photograph babies in the studio so hygiene is a huge factor. We don’t expect puppies to be house trained but please bring equipment to clean up after them; we don’t want to be left with presents after you’ve gone.
Old lads and lasses, if you are bringing them for a later life shoot, again please just bring things to clear up after them; we understand that they have accidents.

I love nothing more than ten puppies in the studio, I generally hope you accidentally leave one behind. There is no limit to how many you can bring in, however all I ask if you bring them in a crate or box so they aren’t running round biting through wires, we don’t want to name one frazzle.

My pet is nervous:
Please don’t worry; your pet will be loved (unless it’s a snake or spider). It will have lots of love and fuss if required. However space will be given with just you handling if needed. Their welfare is our main priority. My dog has his own bedroom so this gives you an idea of how I got the name ‘crazy dog lady’. Any sign of stress from your pet and we will give them a break or end the shoot promptly. I would never let a pet be distressed.

Can I bring treats?
Yes please, dogs especially are obviously very food orientated. We can get them to do most things with a bit of meat in front of them. I don’t provide treats due to allergies and requirements but there are shops next door.

Any questions?
Please call or email the studio directly

Amanda's photography is beautiful. She did an autumn shoot for my son. She really captures amazing shots, she caught the little twinkle in his eye and his cheeky personality. Highly recommend!


Amanda did a newborn photo shoot for us, she put us straight at ease & our 4 year old Daughter took to Amanda straight away. The photos Amanda took were amazing, nothing was too much trouble for her. She had so much patience with our Daughters & even gave our newborn her bottle to get her sleepy & ready for the shoot!! We would never use anyone else for our photos, Amanda has such a talent with the photos she takes & nothing is too much trouble


Amanda did a fairy shoot for us and captured our very new tiny bundle of joy in the photos just perfectly in a little bath whilst her sister were jumping in the stream. Amazing photographer, highly recommend.


My 2 girls had their portfolios done by Amanda. Made us all feel welcome, even let us go and get our dog so he could be photographed too. Time was no issue we were never rushed and let the girls have some input with ideas for their pictures. Excellent photographs taken by an excellent photographer. We will be using Amanda at perfect poses again without a doubt. Ali


I did a boudoir photo shoot with Amanda as a gift for my husband for our wedding. I'd looked at numerous studios and they were so expensive I'd nearly given up on the idea. A friend of mine recommended I speak to Amanda so I requested a quote and was pleasantly surprised by the cost. Amanda sorted everything for me including hair and make up at her studio. All I had to do was turn up with my outfits. After the shoot, I met with Amanda to choose my pictures and she even retouched some of them to my specifications. I'd absolutely recommend Amanda for any shoot, you will get professional, friendly service at a very competitive price! 5 stats all around!


5* photographer!!! Amanda shot our newborn baby photos and they are just amazing! She is so professional but makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera! Her patience with a newborn and our family dog to get the perfect photos was just fantastic! She has so many props and ideas it was nearly impossible to pick just a few - we will definitely be having our family photos with Amanda every time!


Amanda is absolutely amazing as both a photographer and editor. Since I found her doing children’s frozen shoots including dresses makeup and hair in the studio a few years ago she’s been my go to photographer for everything! When she expanded into pet portraits we began to use her as a business for good quality photos. She’s excellent with dogs - my Rottweiler, chihuahua and Pomeranian all love her and so do most of my clients!


Our family have benefitted from Amanda's talent on several occassions over the last few years. She is a very versatile photographer and produces great images both in the studio and on location. We have enjoyed a fairy photo shoots, school portraits and a family sitting with our dog. All were great fun and Amanda put us all at ease in front of the camera. She is great with children and sensitive to individual needs ... 10/10 ... we would recommend Amanda and Perfect Poses Photography to anyone for ANY occassion.


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